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The research and innovation are Key Performance Index (KPI) for any of the Organisation and Institution. However, Property and reputation, which are built and developed by industrious and indefatigable efforts must be secured. The cut-throat competition in present market induces unethical practice of copying and selling inventions of others. An unprotected launch of innovative product make it vulnerable to such techno-thieves. 

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) enables innovators to secure their innovative ideas and protect them from the aforesaid techno-thieves. Various IPRs for instance, Patent, Industrial Design, Copyright, Trademark, Geographical Indications, etc. provides security to diverse range of intellectual properties.  

Sarweshwar Intellectual was established in 2015, with the aim and motive to provide top-notch professional IP services to underprivileged innovators, specially from academic institutions. During our tenure, we found that industrial innovators are in the same parity of need and service. So, Sarweshwar Intellectual provides professional IP services to innovators from the entire fraternity.

The dedicated and competent team of the Sarweshwar Intellectual having expertise in various field of science and technology provides techno-legal consultation. For grass-root innovators, under resourced start-ups and MSMEs, we provide our best IP supports at almost non-profit basis.

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