Patent Landscaping

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Portfolio Management | Patent Analysis | Reporting and Presentation

Sarweshwar Intellectual Service is a one point solution for all kind of your search needs. Dedicated team of experts provide precise and accurate search report where you can count on. With the help of our huge patent and non-patent database, we provides excellent Patent Landscaping it its class with comprehensive Patent Analysis and Opinion of expert along with it.

Patent Drafting

Provisional Specification | Complete Specification | Proof Reading

We provides excellent solution for all techno-legal documentations required for the patent filing. Our experts who are virtuoso in the patent drafting skill, will ensures maximum protection of your IP assets from the infringement by creating complex fencing of techno-legal specifications.

Patent Filing

Indian Patent | Convention Application | PCT Application

We provide solution for all your IP related need at one place. Whether it is – Provisional patent, Complete patent application, and PCT application: We are provide topnotch services.


Literature | Artwork | Linguistic  

As of Patent, we provide our services for registration of literature, artistic and related intellectual work under the Copyright category of the Intellectual Property Right.


Design | Search | Registration

Trademark is an identity of any business and even more important than the patent registration. Trademark is even more vulnerable to infringement then the Patent. We provide service to develop a catchy and difficult to infringe Trademark and its registration.